The Trillion preorder campaign is over, but Compile Heart celebrates their recent success by giving us the rest of the rewards on August 11th, 2015. Check the website to see pictures and more details.


Thanks to the 4th reprinting of "Makaishin Trillion", we have recouped. In commemoration of this, we will hand out free Neptune and Otton special skill DLC collaborations as a present. You can download them on August 11th, 2015.

"Kangaroo no You~ni" with Neptune (dubbed as "I'm a kangaroo" in English)
Move through multiple squares, and deal damage to enemies infront of you.

A skill where you can freely choose were to move damage enemies. When attacking, the heroine will go "boing" and jump with a Neptune cutin inserted.
Enemies infront will get trampled and receive huge damage!

"Panty wa Itadaku O!" with Otton ("Thanks for the panties!")
Using this skill will cause enemies to drop their underpants after defeating them. (*Will not work on Trillion type enemies)

The attack power is very weak, but defeating an enemy will cause them to drop their underpants! The names of the underpants you can get would be related to "Jigoku no Tsukai no Pantsu (Hell User Underpants)" kind of items.
Furthermore, there is a rumor that you can use this skill in battles against the heroines during training and they can drop their panties...?

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