Overlords are the highest ranking in The Underworld society and have control of the land. Compared to most of the fallen-ones, which appear to look more monster-like, Overlords have a more humanoid appearance. Each one of them carries crest tattoo somewhere on their body known as the Overlord Crests, as well a familiar in the form of clothing, weapon, or accessory.

The Great OverlordEdit

Satan event CG
They are highest ranking entity in The Underworld. Only one Overlord can can achieve this rank, and are often referred by their title when speaking respectfully.
Present 055 First Overlord's Portrait
The Underworld has been ruled by 3 Great Overlords, all of which were the Sin of Wrath before they got defeated by Trillion.
  1. Satan was the first ruler of The Underworld, and wife of Lilith.
  2. Azazel was the second ruler of The Underworld, and Zeabolos' father.
  3. Zeabolos was the third ruler and will pass on his throne one of his family members.

The entire Underworld is working together to help the heroines defeat Trillion and the 4th ruler will depend on who is able to win. This will also be the first time The Underworld is ruled by a female.

Notable OverlordsEdit

The 6 main heroines of the game are Overlords representing the 7 deadly sins.

  1. Ruche carries the mark of Pride
  2. Levia carries the mark of Envy
  3. Fegor carries the mark of Sloth
  4. Mammon carries the mark of Greed
  5. Perpell carries the mark of Glutton
  6. Ashmedia carries the mark of Lust

Other Overlords

Most of Zeabolos' bloodline carried the Crest of the Overlord.

  • Astaroth, carried the Crest of Gloom.
  • Lilith carried the Crest of Vanity.

Unawakened Overlords

When someone gives up their Overlord Crest or dies, another person can awaken it during heightened emotion. Zeabolos was the previous carrier of the Crest of Wrath but became the Great Overlord and left it open for anyone to strong enough to take it.

In gameplayEdit

Since Overlords are the only kind of people who can use the Ring of the Tyrant and most of them are female, the game often interchange "heroine" with Overlord.

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