"Overlord Crests (魔王の刻印?)" are special crest tattoos that gets imprinted on the body of someone who has awakened as an Overlord. There are a total of 10 different markings in Trillion: God of Destruction. All positions of Overlords are taken except for the seat of Wrath since Zeabolos took position of Great Overlord.

The symbols represent the 7 deadly sins, and also include historical sins such as Gloom (also known as "Acedia") and Vanity. Those who have these seals are considered nobles of The Underworld, and are able to be elected as its supreme ruler if they can defeat Trillion. Overlords who become candidates must use Faust's invention, the Ring of the Tyrant, to withstand Trillion's miasma.

Crest of Great Overlord
Great Overlord
Crest of Envy
Crest of Greed
Crest of Gluttony
Crest of Lust
Crest of Pride
Crest of Sloth
Crest of Wrath
Wrath (Vacant)
Crest of Gloom
Crest of Vanity


Overlords have their Crests conveniently covered and are almost never seen ingame. One of the few times their Crests are visible is when they inadvertently show them off at hot spring events.

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