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Version 1.02 patch on August 7, 2015

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■Patch 1.02 Distribution date:August 7th

  • Bugs related to passing over Experience Points to the next heroine fixed
    • Fixed a strange bug when using the Game Clear data save file for version 1.01 which starts you off fresh, with no items or money, and a part of how Experience Points gets inherited.
  • Added the following new features (same contents as patch 1.01)
    • Implement a feature to "reminisce" events for CG
    • Add items when escaping from the Training Dungeon
    • Change the amount of accumulated Experience Points that gets passed on after playthroughs.

  • We are extremely sorry for Experience Points carry over bug that happened on patch 1.01, which is why we got involved in making this patch.
  • There is the potential that you cannot use the (version 1.02) save data on older patch versions. You should definitely be playing with the most recent version.
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